Are you and your partner responding to each other’s loving language, sharing similar values, and treating each other with respect? All this and much more are the signs of male and female compatibility.

When you start a new relationship, everything about the person you have chosen seems to be perfect.

You take steps forward, and so does he.

Finally, you have found your soul mate – a person who meets all your criteria for an ideal man or woman.

After a while, and the flowering of your romance moves to another level, then you begin to realize that some of the criteria have not been tested.


Your ideal partner began to change before our eyes, or perhaps never had the desired qualities at all.

Regardless, such a fabulous view of romance negatively impacts the likelihood of a couple staying together for a long time.

Even though almost 92% of people feel affection for a man or woman, only 4 out of 8 stay together according to statistics.
People want to see too much in a partner and therefore, more often than not, they do not get what they wanted.

Tashiro offers a more positive direction for people looking to find love for a long-term relationship: don’t lose hope – lose idealism.

Take a closer look at who you are, what you do, what your needs are, and what is your real compatibility with the person you have chosen.

These 10 signs of male and female compatibility will help you understand your relationship

1. What is your emotional intelligence quotient?

Do you feel your emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) and enough in your person?

Do you often think about what you want to find in a person, compared to what is not in yourself?

Emotional intelligence means more than the ability to look into a man/woman.

Do you feel like you are in control?

How grounded are you on empathy, self-control, self-motivation, and social competence?

Do you consider yourself a good listener, speak clearly and rationally, even when you feel defensive?

EC is the emotional feeling of being in control, combining heart and mind in the pursuit of love in your relationship.

The EC of each of you greatly affects the compatibility between you.

Start practising EC in your daily interactions and try to repeat what your man or woman asks you about your feelings.

This is called active listening.

2. Are you pulling your baggage into a new relationship?

When you fall in love, your past still moves with you into your new relationship.

Some people refer to this as personal baggage, which includes your past wounds, emotional upsets, habits, and patterns.

Recognize the problems that you usually carried from relationship to relationship.

This is an important step in gaining information about yourself.

Also, work on developing a growth mindset by recognizing your behaviors that negatively affect your well-being and the quality of your relationships.

Naturally, self-awareness and a growth mindset are both criteria that affect male and female compatibility.

Your partner should also be aware of their own baggage and actively take steps to eliminate it.

It is enough even for one of you to have your own toxic “baggage of the past” to sabotage your connection.

Couples who are more grounded can be more stable with each other and react quickly to emotional distortions before they undermine your relationship.

3. Do you pay attention to each other’s words of love?

These love languages ​​are the five ways we tend to express and experience love, and they include physical contact, caring and nurturing activities, quality of time spent, receiving gifts, and words of confirmation.

How do you want to be supported and taken care of? How would your partner want it?

Male and female compatibility does not require both of you to have the same love language, but both of you must be willing to offer your partner the love he or she desires.

Both of you are deeply interested in helping your partner feel safe, protected, respected, and adored.

It also means that both of you are actively communicating your love language, and the specific ways you prefer to receive that love.

4. Rethinking life values

Rethinking life values

What you think is important and necessary at the age of 15 or 22 will be very different when you are 35 or 45.

What are your guiding principles in life? What are your core values?

The compatibility of a man and a woman is manifested when he and she are able to share many, if not most, values ​​and principles, both personal and in their relationship.

If you do not know your core values ​​or your partner’s values, it is important to define them so that you do not discover something that you or your partner did not expect in some important things.

This is where your compatibility manifests itself.

  • Do you both pay a lot of attention to the family and want to have several children? Do both of you feel the same about parenting philosophy?
  • Do you share the same religious or spiritual beliefs, and do you think this is necessary for a perfect relationship?
  • Do you prioritize experience and adventure over material spending? Does your partner feel the same way?
  • How about the values ​​you need in a partnership – mutual respect, shared pastime, and an equal division of labor?
  • Do you support, respect, and admire each other’s work and value what they do for you?

When you’re in the early stages of infatuation, you don’t focus on whether you both have the same values.

But you can save a lot of your heartache by realizing this early on.

Male and female compatibility isn’t all about pretending, make sure you don’t change your values ​​in order to match your man or woman because you don’t want anything to go bad.

This will ultimately create friction and friction in your relationship.

5. Don’t rush chemistry

At some point, you meet a person who seems to be significantly different from others.

This person is attractive, with a sense of humour, worthy of respect, listens to your values ​​and shares his own – but something does not work.

The butterflies that you should feel when you are near him do not flutter, although this person suits you in all respects.

You feel that way. Don’t rush your chemistry because it’s important.

Our biological programming makes us feel an instant spark when we are close to our partner.

We feel the same when our eyes meet across the room.

Instant chemistry also reports that those who connect at this level experience more fulfilling sex lives, higher fertility, and better personal satisfaction in relationships.

But don’t pay attention to chemistry or lack of it right away when considering your compatibility.

By all means, give your significant other another try – he or she can get very nervous, and this is reflected in his (her) actions and behavior.

Still not feeling the spark?

Maybe it’s time to move on.

6. Choice of words

A picture can be described in a thousand words, but the words you say every day affect your compatibility as a man and a woman.

Your basic functional words indicate compatibility, speech speed, and usage.

Most people are oblivious to functional words as they disappear into the background of the conversation, but these filler words inform the conversation and the underlying reactions and feelings.

Interestingly, the use of similar language does not mean that partners have similar personality traits.

Psychologist James Pennebaker discovered that people can have very different personalities, but when a person is genuinely interested in another person, the language subtly changes to a similar one.

The shift in speech and words you start to speak but haven’t used before are more likely to be noticed by your friends.

If you find yourself speaking slower than usual, being around someone who is used to talking that way, you are simply sharing your language, because at that moment you are both inhabited by a colony of butterflies that bring you closer together.

7. Body language issues


Male and female compatibility is also their common body language.

Besides sharing similar language styles, are you using the same body language?

Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University, believes that within one second, you know if you are attracted to the person you are with.

It starts by observing whether the person you have a romantic interest in is using accessible body language or not.

Does he smile without crossing his arms and legs? Does his gaze fall on the top of your head or around you?

All these movements are indicative of interest.

People also notice biological signals of healthy fertility when they feel attractive.

Men stand straight with their shoulders squared, their legs are slightly wider than their shoulders, and their hands are free.

Women fingering their hair, tilting their heads to expose their pheromones, and revealing their palms, especially the soft skin along the wrists.

Science is revealing strange details about human attraction.

Who knew that hands were a factor incompatibility?

In this first second, your body begins the courtship process.

The pheromones are intensified and the blood rushes to the lips and cheeks, showing arousal.

You tilt your head when speaking to show that you are interested.

The body removes barriers between you, such as not crossing your legs or placing your wallet on the other side of the table.

Test your body language with the person you have a romantic interest in, and if it matches, your compatibility as a man and a woman increases.

8. His/her voice makes you react physically

You feel a shiver when your partner whispers something in your ear, and butterflies wave a storm in your stomach when you talk to him/her on the phone.

Even if you don’t like talking on the phone, you just want to hear his (her) voice.

Your body knows with whom and with what it is connected.

Pay attention to how his voice makes you physically react.

Studies show that women feel attracted to men with deep voices, and men feel drawn to women with hoarse voices.

It is interesting to note that men speak in a higher tone and women in a lower tone when talking to their soulmates on the phone.

Your tone can change due to subtle biological changes.

Just trust your body because it knows how it feels.

9. Successful life

The compatibility of a man and a woman is also expressed in your life plans.

Are they compatible or do you just feel like you want to have a career, family and stable financial life while balancing your love life?

How about your significant other?

Life is difficult, and it never happens that everything is always good.

Regardless, you need to feel comfortable where you are and how you live.

Are you both financially stable? Do you have personal and professional goals?

Do you both have family, friends?

Talk to each other about where and how you see your life and the dreams that you want to turn into reality.

Only one of you cannot be the initiator or responsible in the relationship.

If you are in the mood for a successful life but your partner is floundering about not knowing what they want, this could be a red flag.

10. The ability to be vulnerable and responsive

Research shows that a higher level of self-disclosure (vulnerability) creates a higher appreciation of love and passion, especially when couples first create or reconnect with relationships.

A higher level of responsiveness (transferring understanding, showing interest and care) between partners also precedes a higher level of satisfaction with relationships and love, which is also a sign of male and female compatibility.

Women are more likely to self-disclose in relationships, so when men open up, their overall level of love increases.

Do you both open up freely to each other? Do you take an interest in each other’s mood and show compassion and empathy?

Try to spend time together in situations that trigger responsiveness and self-disclosure, such as camping in a remote location or taking long walks.

The two may not be perfectly compatible, but the more you have in common related to important aspects of your relationship, the more likely your bond is to be strong, healthy, and happy.

Try to free your thoughts from the cloud of love for a while and assess whether you really have male and female compatibility.

Do you respond to each other’s love language, share similar values, develop thinking, enjoy great chemistry, and respect each other?

If so, you may have found this soul mate.

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