A positive attitude is essential for every person who wants to live a happy, long and healthy life. 10 Ways to Help You Create a Positive Mindset Every Day

You have approximately 15000 to 40000 negative thoughts a day.

Not only for you – for everyone. This is about 82% of all your thoughts. The vast majority of our thoughts are unpleasant, stressful, or sabotage. Our brains are like the network news channel, reporting bad things with a little bit of positive news to keep us from falling into the abyss.

It’s a shame if this information was added to your negative thoughts, but hopefully realizing how steeped we are in negative thinking will get you thinking.

Positive attitudes

Negative thinking is almost always focused on two areas – the past and the future. You reflect on and relive painful, disappointing, or embarrassing past events, or worry about an anticipated event or meeting that never happened.

In any case, you are attached to illusion. The past is gone. There is no future. But somehow, you can create immense discomfort with these non-existent scenarios.

Your thoughts are raging in your brain, creating chaos, and no one stops them. It is as if there is a child in the house whose parents do not abide by any rules or restrictions.

Your thoughts evoke strong emotions, and it is these emotions that can make your life miserable and difficult.

This article will show you when to take control of your thoughts and become the master of your life. When you learn to control your thoughts and emotions, you can develop a positive attitude that will foster peace of mind, confidence, happiness, and self-awareness.

Are you ready to start? 10 ways to create a positive attitude


With all our negative thinking, it is sometimes difficult to understand how wonderful our life is.

You must act with awareness to understand and accept that life is truly amazing. Psychologists advise keeping a gratitude journal as handwriting strengthens thinking.

It is good to write in this diary before bed, so you fill your mind with a positive attitude before falling asleep.

You may be in the midst of a crisis or anxiety, but that does not negate all of the many benefits that you have. Write each of them down in your journal, and as you write, really focus on the subject of gratitude and fill your mind with that feeling and a positive mental attitude.

Do this every day, even if the thanks are repeated. This will help you put gratitude at the top of your every day.


The busier and more challenging your life, the harder it will be to create a positive attitude every day. When you have too many demands and obligations, little time for fun, reflection, relationships, or training, the more stressed and unhappy you will feel.

We often make rash purchases to calm our senses. But all of these material things are also stressful as they need to be stored somewhere, cared for and paid for.

The abundance of things drains your psychic energy. Simplify your life – eliminate buying things from your to-do list and get rid of unnecessary things. This will make you feel relieved and relieved of discomfort.

Take a few days to streamline your life, giving yourself plenty of time and space for your most important values, activities, and positive attitudes.


To develop a positive attitude in yourself, do this simple exercise. Wear a rubber band around your wrist to remind you of your thoughts. When you look at an elastic band, listen to your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes you can catch yourself thinking or worrying.

At other times, you may find yourself feeling anxious, annoyed, or sad, but don’t immediately understand why.

When this happens, ask yourself what thoughts triggered those feelings. By focusing on this, you will see how often you fall into the trap of negative thinking.


Small negative events throughout the day can trigger a cascade of pessimistic or angry thoughts and feelings. Someone told you something rude. You condemn him. They tell you something else. You spend hours contemplating what was said. Thoughts are constantly spinning in your head, and you are in a hurry to answer. You actively react and feel your blood pressure rise. You need enough time to calm down and develop a positive attitude.

Positive attitude

Everyday life presents us with many tricky little tricks to provoke negativity. But as the master of your mind, you can choose your reaction.

Of course, you can get angry, offended or upset, but you will waste time. This time can be spent with a positive and joyful attitude. Therefore, think carefully about your reaction.

You know that sometimes difficult situations can arise, prepare yourself for this mentally. Learn to take a few deep, soothing breaths to calm down and tune in positively.

Choose the best response that minimizes negativity. Calculate your reaction, but do not consciously follow it. If possible, try to find humor in the follies and disappointments of life, since they are part of human existence. All this will help you find a positive and correct attitude.


Having identified and interrupted a negative thought, it is necessary to completely switch over. You don’t have to leave the mental void so you don’t fall back on the ingrained negative thinking that is natural to your way of thinking. Retrain your brain to think differently. To do this, pull the elastic on your wrist and release, thus redirecting your thoughts or actions in a positive attitude.

One way to be positive is to revisit a negative thought in order to refute it or make it positive. For example, if you are thinking, “I will never finish this project on time,” then tell yourself:

“No that’s not true. I can and will do it in time. It was so in the past, so it will be this time. ” Even if you don’t completely believe it, say it out loud or silently. Accept any strong evidence you have that refutes your negative thoughts.

Be persistent in your efforts to redirect your thoughts, just as you would unsuccessfully try to seat a child in a chair while he continues to get up.

Eventually, your mind will know that you are positive and serious about the matter. You can also use positive action to replace negative thinking. If you find yourself thinking about something unpleasant, stand up and do something that will keep your mind occupied and distract from the bad thoughts.


We are so caught up in the serious business of life that we forget to just have fun, although this is necessary to develop a positive attitude. When was the last time you played a game, rode a bike, flew a kite, or did something lighthearted outside of your daily behavior? We need daily entertainment to balance the stresses and demands of life.

If you haven’t determined what you like, go back to childhood and think about what made you laugh then. I have a friend who rides on a children’s swing and gets not only a positive attitude, but also an indescribable pleasure. Make fun a permanent and positive part of your life.


Every time we watch the news, we become anxious and sad. A reporter can talk about new viruses, like the COVID-19 coronavirus, and of course, we are worried about that.

Endless coverage of terrorism, shooting, politics and war makes us feel alarmed and threatened.

Yes, we have a lot of bad news and we need to keep up to date. But there is good news as well.

There are many positive, happy and uplifting things happening in the world. Therefore, opt for programs, blogs, books and articles that inspire and motivate you to be positive. Look for positive information that fills your mind.


We tend to absorb and reflect the emotions and attitudes of the people we spend time with. If you communicate with poisonous people who constantly complain and whine, then you will definitely get infected with their ailment.

You may have to make difficult decisions about who to hang out with. After all, if a person has a contagious disease, it is not a problem for you to limit contact with him.

Negativity is a contagious disease. Surround yourself with people who are positive, happy, and confident who cheer you up. Limit contact with people who humiliate you.


Spending quality time with the people we love and cherish the most is the best way to develop a positive attitude. Deathbed people say their biggest regret is not spending more time with friends and family.

Be active by making time for those you love. Arrange more family activities and spend time alone with your spouse or partner, children and friends. Create meaningful and happy rituals and traditions, and instill a positive attitude in the family.

Make a decision to avoid family drama or conflict and speak words of love, support, and comfort to serve as an example and inspiration to the people around you.


To get a positive attitude, spend 2-3 days observing your thoughts and feelings, it’s time to do something with them.

Wear the elastic around your wrist, and whenever you notice negative thinking, gently remove the elastic or move it to your other wrist. You need to make lifestyle changes to break the mental cycle of negative thoughts. This will allow you to find a positive attitude in the future.

Then mentally identify and label what you did. “Oh, this is negative thinking again. These thoughts and feelings come up again. ” You want to stop identifying yourself with thoughts – they separate from YOU as a person. It is important to recognize your thoughts as random products of consciousness, rather than treat them as reality.

A positive mental attitude includes shifts in consciousness and an awareness of how much you are in control of your thoughts. As you work to manage and change your thoughts and choose positive behaviors and actions that are healthy and uplifting, over time you will see that a positive attitude is your fallback position. Even during difficult times, you will have the inner resources to turn around and restore your happy state of mind.

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