Do you want to have a healthy, strong, harmonious and easy relationship with your loved one? Focus on these 10 signs and analyze your relationship.

Signs of a healthy, Happy relationship are not always easy to spot early on in a love story.

Just because the sex is awesome, or because you both love to travel, doesn’t mean your relationship is healthy or strong.

Healthy relationships involve signs of commitment, self-awareness, and empathy. They need constant care, forgiveness, and open communication.

But it doesn’t happen overnight. A healthy relationship is never a work in progress, a daily job that you both willingly do.

Of course, first we enter into a love relationship because, well, we fall in love. And tied to these powerful, chemically driven feelings are more practical desires for friendship, emotional closeness, and a sense of belonging and security.

It’s good to be in a relationship. People in serious relationships live longer, are generally happier, and tend to accumulate more wealth. But if so, why is the relationship so complicated? Why do we argue, humiliate and deny the one person we should love the most?

Is your relationship healthy?

Happy Relationship

You receive serious training in driving and spend years in school to prepare for a career. But there is no expected or required training when it comes to the most important part of our life – our love relationships.

Nobody teaches you how to be a good partner and how to maintain a healthy relationship. Most of us jump into relationships like blind fools , confident that love will conquer all.

Over time, partners find themselves in different corners of the room, frowning at each other from a distance. You definitely didn’t dream about it when you first looked at him or her, when your heart was melting in love.

The relationship itself is a living, breathing substance that you must cherish and care for every day – in addition to your own individual needs or disappointments. If you want to have signs of a healthy relationship, you both need to work on it. Such concern cannot be unilateral and cannot be neglected.

10 Signs of a healthy relationship

So what do the signs of a healthy relationship look like? They may differ from couple to couple, but there are some universal signs that are happy, healthy, and strong in all true relationships.

1. You are spending time together

It is impossible to develop a relationship without spending time together. This time, more than just being in the same house or spending time with the kids.

You must prioritize just the two of you. Sharing a pastime is a sign of a healthy couple’s relationship. You need space to enjoy each other’s company , share interests and experiences, and have fun.

Many relationships fall apart because partners are basically living their own lives. Everyone has their own interests and responsibilities, and they do not have time to spend it together.

They let the necessities of life fill their time, and then realize that they have nothing in common and have little to say to each other.

If you don’t have common interests, find ones you can enjoy together. Or step out of your comfort zone and pursue one of your partner’s interests. Don’t let work, kids, or other entertainment get in the way of this important time for the two of you.

2. You speak kindly

What words and tone of voice do you use with your loved one? Are you speaking distant, irritated, sarcastic, or derogatory?

Always speak kindly to your loved one, even if he or she speaks unkindly to you. Speaking naturally, fluently, and naturally is a sign of a healthy relationship. There is more power in your words than you can imagine.

3. You make relationships your top priority

Undoubtedly, your marriage or partnership is the MOST valuable part of your life. If not, then it should be so. Prioritized, your love relationship should be ahead of your work, hobbies, parents, and yes – even your kids.

As a couple, you are the centerpiece of your family and, if the couple is not strong, your family is not strong either.

A sign of a healthy relationship where both partners make the relationship their top priority in life. These cannot be empty words.

If you and your partner are reinforcing and demonstrating this commitment with your daily, even hourly, efforts to maintain a healthy and prosperous relationship, then your couple has that first sign.

4. You accept each other for who you are

Healthy Relationship

You know this person inside and out. You’ve seen his strengths and weaknesses. You know his character traits and behavior. You see your husband (wife) or partner as a person worthy of your respect and acceptance, and not as a reflection of you or an extension of your ego.

One of the hallmarks of a healthy relationship is not trying to change who a person is or how they act in the world . You can demand behavior change or discuss priorities or decisions, but you never try to control or shape a person into who you think they should be.

5. You create emotional closeness

Emotional intimacy is intimacy that the two of you share. You feel free and secure to express your fears and vulnerabilities without shame or humiliation.

You have a high level of trust, transparency and openness, based on your love for each other and many years of shared experience.

Emotional intimacy can be fostered by becoming better acquainted with your feelings, needs, fears, and desires . To have this sign of a close healthy relationship with another person, you must understand yourself, walk the path of awareness.

Emotional closeness also requires you to spend time together, away from everyday stress and distractions.

6. You are looking for ways to show your love

After the initial phase of infatuation ends, it is easy enough to cool off in relation to your partner. Flowers stop appearing and little love notes no longer appear in your purse.

Once you release these petty commitments to each other, it’s actually time to show your partner how much you love them.

Self-complacency leads to boredom and resentment. Resentment can lead to a loss of respect and intimacy. Feel free to express your feelings. This sign of a healthy relationship is based on the fact that people continue to infuse their connection with creative gestures of appreciation and affection to keep the connection fresh and exciting at all times.

7. You are creating sexual intimacy

Emotional closeness is the hallmark and foundation of a healthy sexual relationship, and this combination creates a deep bond between two people.

When you have emotional intimacy, you are free to express your sexual desires – and you are ready to fully give and receive your partner’s desires.

Sex is not just physical pleasure or stress relief, but rather an expression of your deep love and intimacy . Emotional closeness creates an atmosphere for play, exploration and complete safety in bed.

You are attracted to each other sexually, mostly physically, but you can also do so with confidence in a deep, shared emotional connection. This is an important sign of a healthy relationship.

8. You are affectionate towards each other

Make Relationship

Non-sexual touching, such as hugging, holding hands, kissing and hugging, is a vital sign of a healthy relationship for a couple.

Research has shown that couples who regularly experience physical affection are happier and more satisfied with their relationships. They also recover faster from conflict.

If you want to have a healthy relationship, try to show great affection for your partner several times a day .

Over time, you will feel more affection and create a deeper emotional connection with your loved one.

9. You give each other space

Just because you are a couple does not mean that you are no longer individuals with your own needs, interests, and boundaries.

A healthy and easy relationship has signs that both people honor and respect each other’s personality . When it comes to your space, you each have different needs, but you work together to find a balance that works for both of you.

Obsessive or passionate relationships are unhealthy. Both people should feel confident and comfortable without codependency, which in turn makes the relationship fresher and more interesting when you are together.

10. You are having fun together

Life is a serious business that takes up most of the time. Work, kids (if you have them), politics, and bad news can make it difficult to carve out time or energy for fun.

But remember your first meeting, how much fun you had together? You didn’t care what else was going on in the world or in your own life. You just wanted to be together and laugh.

The pleasure may not be as spontaneous as it used to be, but healthy couples find time for it. You don’t need to plan a difficult walk. Get a couple of water pistols and get down to business. Or turn on the music and dance in the kitchen.

Laughing and having fun is good for your closeness and connection.

This is what a healthy relationship should be

We’ve listed the ideal signs of a healthy relationship, but we’re not suggesting perfection. You can see what a healthy relationship should be, but it takes time and commitment.

As you consider these 10 signs of a healthy relationship, think carefully about your own marriage or partnership and how healthy they are.

  • Where do you see yourself and your partner in each of these behaviors?
  • What can you do to improve your connection and intimacy?

Invite your husband/wife to read this article and discuss the signs of a healthy relationship. Discuss the changes you both want to make to improve your relationship.

Remember that for a healthy relationship to flourish, both people need to be emotionally mature.

If your partner is resisting or you feel you don’t want to improve the relationship, it may be time to see a counselor who can help you sort out any issues between you and come up with a plan that will make your relationship stronger, closer, and happier.

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