These 10 signs will help men identify an unavailable woman and decide for themselves how to behave with her, and whether it is worth continuing such a relationship at all.

Men and women want to have a healthy, rewarding relationship with their loved ones.

Relationships are what unites society, and at the same time, relationships are challenging work.

There are no two separate people when it comes to sharing life experiences, or when it comes to falling in love.

We want to fall in love with a person who knows how to express their love in all the usual ways, but this is not always the case.

Falling in love and relationships are all about mixing energy and vibrations.

Sometimes we cultivate a relationship with someone who does not vibrate in the same energy field as we do.

Men are usually the emotionally unavailable culprit in relationships, but millions of women have the same unreachable vibration.

Most men do not know how to deal with a woman who is emotionally unavailable because their hearts are beating with love and their minds say she will change.

But these women are difficult to change if they do not try to change themselves and do not admit their unavailability, which they send through their words, actions and lack of compassion.

Women, like men, immerse themselves in other things such as work, education, family, hobbies, and health issues.

A woman in the past may have had a disgusting relationship or be divorced, so she has certain worries about starting a new relationship.

She may not be available because she grew up in certain circumstances that have caused her mental problems that keep her feelings intact.

In many cases related to the unavailability of women, there are several reasons that overlap, so it is difficult to determine what the real problem is without professional help.

But there are signs that help men identify an unavailable woman before they enter into a relationship with her.

10 Signs to look for in an Emotionally Unavailable Woman

1. She doesn’t wants a perfect relationship

Emotionally unavailable women usually have a bad taste when it comes to men in their lives.

They like men who are also emotionally unavailable or men who are in relationships because they can keep some of their personal moments superficial.

An inaccessible woman chooses men who, like her, cannot or will not start long-term relationships, and this is normal because she does not want to feel obligated to develop long-term relationships with them.

When a person who is emotionally available, unmarried and open to new relationships takes an interest in an unavailable woman, she starts running away or ends the relationship before he has a chance.

2. She is not interested in knowing who you are

Some women like the concept of a relationship, but they don’t want to be in it.

When they recognize you for who you are and what you breathe, they run away because that means they will have to share who they are.

And in most cases, the story of her life and feelings leads to those facts that she would not want you to know, so the inaccessible woman acts as if she is not interested in knowing the real you.

3. She spends time with a partner when it is convenient for her

Inaccessible women are solo performers.

They build their world around themselves, and when this world meets their needs, they can interact with a partner.

Compromising with a man is a challenge for an inaccessible woman, and she will agree to waste time in a relationship when she feels that it will benefit her in some way.

Reading, watching movies, or hanging out with friends take precedence over loving pastime, especially when these women want to avoid any type of interaction that might require a positive emotional response or a more serious relationship.

4. She is often distant and aloof

Forget about flirting.

These women don’t understand flirting.

And if someone flirts with them, they may not even notice the attention.

They are not addicted to relationships, so being aloof comes naturally to them, and being distant is their armor of choice when someone tries to get too close to them.

If a man makes attempts to start a relationship with an inaccessible woman, flirts with her, she simply does not know how to react, so she pats him on the back in search of something that can save her from the situation.

5. She takes the defensive side when they try to change her

Inaccessible women wear a mask to hide from relationship problems.

They hide certain aspects of their personality in order to adapt to a man or put people in a non-threatening mood.

Being with one person for life is a challenge for some women, so they run away from relationships or try to protect themselves by hiding their true feelings.

6. She cannot act when there is conflict

Women who are emotionally unavailable avoid conflict at all costs.

Even when things are going well, they tend to keep themselves safe in order to escape when the first sign of conflict appears.

7. She is afraid of intimacy and does not want to be vulnerable.

Relationships can be unsettling, which is why many women focus on themselves to relieve themselves of male pain.

They enjoy being single because there are no questions to answer and there are no obligations to strengthen the relationship.

Vulnerability is exposing oneself, and inaccessible women don’t like showing themselves to the world.

8. She blames others and avoids personal responsibility

She will joke in serious situations, blaming and judging other people.

Responsibility is not her trump card, but sarcasm is her calling card.

When there is a problem, she quickly blames someone for her mistakes or judges them badly.

9. She may want sex, but not love

Emotionally unavailable women don’t mind having a one-day relationship.

And when they enter into a relationship, sex is what binds the relationship together.

Love and sex are disconnected concepts in the minds of these women, so sex is what they love, and love is too difficult for them for various selfish reasons.

10. She doesn’t wants to change her behavior and lifestyle

Most of these women do not particularly care about personal growth, expanding their horizons.

They don’t want to change their destructive behavior.

They believe that what they say and do is an integral part of who they are and they do not need to change, even if their behavior hurts others.

Pain is never their fault.

They lack the self-awareness to analyze what they are doing and how they do it because they believe that emotional detachment is the best weapon or defense mechanism they have.

Even though these emotionally unavailable women are a punishment for men when they want a genuine connection, they still want these women and strive to conquer them.

There is something strange and seductive about a woman who doesn’t give a damn about anyone and everything except herself.

Men crave a challenge and a relationship with a woman who seems out of reach, and that’s serious work.

You may wonder if an emotionally unavailable woman can change.

As a man, can you ever overcome her defenses or selfishness in order to build a close, healthy, and mutually respectful relationship?

This is only possible if her pain, loneliness and desire for something more present outweigh her need to cling to her last moments in life.

Even then, she will need to be honest with herself.

This is about her behavior and how harmful it was while doing the job of changing her way of thinking and acting.

The 10 signs of unavailable women guide men when they feel they are having problems in their relationship, or when they cannot get close to the woman they also want to be close to.

Even if a woman initially doesn’t share her feelings or is not interested in who you are, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s emotionally unavailable forever.

It may take her longer than you to assess the relationship and determine if she is ready to open up to you and change something in herself.

If she blames you when she does something stupid herself, or just spends time with you thinking she’s serving her purpose, she may just be immature and need some relationship clarification to help her learn what a mature relationship is.

However, if there are no signs of change, or there is only sex in the relationship, it may be time to rethink your personal priorities.

You, as a man, try to be close to the person who is emotionally absent, it takes a lot of patience and hard work, but all of this may not pay off.

Some men are more likely to stop working and find other relationships that do not have the excess baggage that makes it difficult to build relationships.

I hope this article will help you if you are not sure whether to continue a relationship with an inaccessible woman who does not invest in it what you would like.

And you will be able to make the right decision for your own psychological health and happiness.

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