Summertime is a favorite season for many people. Warm weather and bright sun allow you to take a break from winter clothes, enjoy the warmth and even get tanned. However, not every organism can safely tolerate heat. What to do to feel better in the heat?

Everyone knows to drink more, rest and sit less in the sun at lunchtime. What other subtleties are there that can help?

Here are 10 tips to help your body cope with the heat

1. Clothes

You need to choose loose clothing made from natural fabrics, for example, flax. Synthetic fabrics should be avoided, synthetics disrupt the body’s heat regulation. It is best if the clothing completely covers all parts of the body, so the body heats up less. Of the colors, preference should be given to light tones and avoid dark ones.

2. Drinks

I think everyone understands that you need to drink more in hot weather than under normal conditions. One of the best drinks in hot weather is green tea. It perfectly compensates for the loss of moisture and thins the blood, this contributes to the improvement of well-being. Plus, green tea is a good antioxidant that helps lower blood pressure. The consumption of carbonated drinks should be limited, they almost do not quench thirst and are harmful to the body. Also, doctors advise to give up very cold drinks for people with weak immunity and the elderly. Iced drinks are a common cause of colds. Well, of course, clean drinking water is beyond competition, in the heat, there is nothing better than it.

3. Nutrition

In the heat, many are faced with a lack of appetite, but you still need to eat to maintain strength in the body. Food should be light. To cope with heavy food. Your body needs to spend a lot of strength and energy, this causes an increase in body temperature, and it becomes hot. It is better to give up fatty foods, canned foods and very salty foods. Fruit and vegetable salads, okroshka, light side dishes, lean meat and fish are perfect. In vegetables and fruits, you can not deny yourself at all, because summer is the time of vitamins.

4. The balance of salt in the body

In no case should there be a lack of salt in the body. Otherwise, the acid-base and water balance in the body will be disturbed, which will lead to weakness, dizziness, drowsiness and edema. An average person loses up to forty grams of salt per day due to profuse sweating. Better to eat sea salt or iodized salt, they are healthier. And don’t forget about foods that support the potassium-sodium balance.

5. Products with a cooling effect

Cooling foods include sour fruits, seafood, berries, and most vegetables. They should dominate the diet in summer.

6. Airing

In the room, you should close the windows during the day to keep warm air out. It is better to ventilate at night when the temperature outside the window is lower.

7. Water procedures

A cool shower or bath can help relieve stress after a hard day and cool off. The shower should be exactly cool (room temperature water is suitable), and not cold, otherwise, instead of pleasant coolness, you can get an unpleasant cold.

8. Change of colors in the apartment

According to the rules of Feng Shui, cold shades cause a feeling of coolness in the body, while warm ones, on the contrary. You can replace textiles by surrounding yourself with blue and green colors while leaving reds and oranges for the cold season.

9. A minimum of cosmetics

In the summer, you should be careful with cosmetics. It should be as small as possible, it is better to refuse heavy decorative cosmetics and instead apply a product with UV filters.

10. Essential oils

Essential oils will help alleviate the condition. Lemongrass, mint, orange, lavender, or immortelle oil will do. You can put a few drops on a handkerchief and take it with you.

The most important thing during the heat is not to succumb to laziness and apathy. It is imperative to move.

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