13 ways to help you understand yourself, your desires, feelings, your spirituality. Define the best ones for yourself and begin to know yourself today.

Just when you’re sure you’re pretty good at what drives you in life, do you catch yourself doing something weirdly uncharacteristic?

Or is it? Maybe you don’t know yourself as well as you thought?

understand yourself

Maybe the strangest part of you is still a mystery to the part of you that runs the parade of life.

In any case, your “inner eccentric” continue to appear.

And you don’t know whether to put up with it or show who is in charge here.

What if this weirdo is actually your master?

So what can you do to better understand yourself?

13 ways to better understand yourself


Spending about 10 minutes a day – 5 at the beginning of the day and 5 at the end – in calm meditation will help you both “land” and understand yourself more clearly by listening to your inner voice.

Meditation takes a person out of the mundane and self-centred realm of their daily routine and thinking habits.

better understand yourself

It strengthens the connection with the heart – and therefore with the soul and everything connected with it.

Allow this practice to deepen your connection with your hidden self, and you will be surprised how you used to live without it.


Creating a goal board is a fun project, whether you’re using a magazine clipping board, creating your own slideshow, or creating your own YouTube video.

If it’s an online app, you can even share it with those who appreciate it and encourage them to create their own whiteboard and share it with you.

Regardless of how your goals are described, in order to understand yourself, it is vital to take the time to visualize the life story you are creating.

And for visualization to be effective, you need to use your emotions.

Imagine living life, living the perfect day from start to finish.

And throughout the visualization ask yourself how you are feeling. Be honest and change your vision as needed.

This is what defines you.


Why not call your diary “Learning to understand ourselves”?

Because this is what you will do every time you sit down to write in this diary.

Regardless of whether you spend five minutes, half an hour, or more on your daily journal entry, you will provide a platform for all the jumbled thoughts and ideas in your head.

And by giving those thoughts a place to play, you become more aware of them. By writing them down, you command your brain to pay attention to them, and it does so.

He takes these thoughts more seriously. And you may find yourself admitting things that you have only half paid attention to up until now.


At the risk of becoming a hero in a cautionary tale, don’t be afraid to show people who you are anymore.

Not everyone will like you, and sooner or later you will have to come to terms with it.

But while some people may judge you for revealing yourself, some will feel less alone in this world and feel a kindred spirit in you.

And if those who condemn you to seem to be the loudest, consider why they might react so strongly. It’s not about you.

Either way, it will help you understand yourself and overcome your fear of making yourself a fool.

Learn to celebrate every colossal embarrassment you have (as long as no one is hurt by it).


If you have never taken the IQ test, take it.

It won’t take long and will help you understand yourself by revealing things about you that you might have noticed but didn’t really think about.

Perhaps you need hints about what kind of work will help you feel the most alive and the most fulfilling.

These tips are just one of the benefits of knowing your personality traits.

Let your intuition guide you through the answers in this test.


If you have a wishlist, ask yourself what you could add to it that excites you, if only a little.

Do something to make you feel at ease.

Give a public speech. Or try karaoke or stand-up comedy.

Show yourself to understand yourself and your true desires, and do something terrible, even if someone threatens to record it all on video.

Especially if someone threatens to write it down!


This is related to the wishlist but is more spontaneous.

Someone invites you to give a speech, and instead of jumping out the back door, you cleared your throat and walked to the podium, horrified but determined to take on the challenge.

Or your boss has asked someone to come and take on a project that is likely to improve your skills in every possible way. And the only thing holding you back is the fear of failure.

It’s safer to stay in your comfort zone. But there it will be extremely difficult for you to understand yourself as a person.


Sometimes it’s helpful to talk to someone whose job it is to understand you in order to help you make better choices.

Whether the person is a counselor, lawyer, leader, doctor, educator, psychologist, or spiritual mentor, take the time to interact with them on an ongoing basis.

Successful People

If this person tells you unpleasant things about you, stay calm and look in your life for signs that contradict his assessment.

Suggest these signs to help the person understand what you are thinking and get a better idea of what they have noticed about you.

Real professionals don’t think they’ve figured out everything about you; they keep digging. And their ideas will help you to understand yourself deeper on a more spiritual level.


Take time to have more frequent and meaningful conversations with the people in your life. They help you understand yourself and other people.

Pay attention to their body language and signs of an emotional or psychological state and offer yourself as support.

And listen to understand – not to win an argument or imagine yourself as a solver of all problems.

Use this as an opportunity to better understand the other person.

Most likely, after the conversation, you will also leave with a deeper knowledge of yourself.


The next time you meet up with friends or make a date with your significant other, try playing a conversation game.

They tend to be about questions that you must answer honestly, quickly and the first time.

You may be surprised to find yourself answering.

And if it leads to lively conversation, use it as an opportunity to understand more of yourself and others.

Again, the goal of games is to grow in self-understanding, not to win.


Sometimes helping other people with their questions helps you better understand yourself and your own beliefs. There are many forum sites dedicated to various topics. Perhaps you are familiar with some area and could help someone with his question.

Whatever people write in their question, answer politely and remember that their reactions have more to do with their own experiences and relationships than with you.

Write each answer as a personal and heartfelt message to the person who asked the question.

Be honest, clear, focused, and as helpful as possible.


Maybe you’ve always wondered why your mom loves to knit so much.

Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to program in order to design and build your own mobile apps.


Whatever creative project made you feel more energized than 5 seconds ago, why not set aside some time once a week and get to know it?

If you are wondering how to understand yourself, think about what you want to do for your first big project, and start by exploring what you need to learn to get closer to that goal.

Then go ahead and create something that you will be proud of.


Ask yourself, “What is the most important thing I want to achieve in my life?” and write down the answer.

Or write your own testimonial. This will help you answer the question of how to understand yourself. To do this, pretend to be your loved one and remember yourself as you are.

Imagine what exactly you want the people close to you to remember by spending time with you. Ask yourself what keeps you awake in the morning and what keeps you awake at night.

And take the time to answer these questions honestly.

Want to understand yourself better?

Which of these tips do you like best?

What will you do today to understand yourself more than you do now?

And what people come to mind, who can best help you with this?

Wherever you start, don’t let a day go by without doing something to develop your self-knowledge.

And do everything in your power to better understand yourself, your loved ones and other people in your life.

Since we are all human beings, any attempt to understand one person affects your relationship with everyone, including yourself.

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