7 Key sources of happiness discussed in this article are common and work for each of us. If you are not as happy as you would like, these are the areas you need to consider first. By working on them, you can quickly increase your happiness, self-confidence, and self-confidence. You will broaden your horizons and, as a rule, you will begin to feel better emotionally.

Feeling personal happiness is a critical component of a positive life.
Whenever you are feeling unhappy, rate yourself against the following 7 authentic sources of happiness and identify areas of your life that need improvement.

Our life is constantly changing, so it is necessary to regularly check its individual areas.

7 Sources of Happiness

Sources of Happiness

1. Comfortable Standard of Living

Modern life is associated with consumerism.

You are constantly present in the market and believe that buying a certain thing will make you happy in one form or another.

Of course, every company claims to sell exactly what will make you happier by offering you artificial sources of happiness.

You want to buy more than you need to be happier, do you think you need more money and a higher standard of living.

Money can only make you happier up to a point.

Thereafter, the extra money often leads to additional pressure, such as working longer, sacrificing family time, and experiencing stress.

I am not saying that at some point you should stop increasing your wealth, but once you have a comfortable standard of living, you should shift the focus away from your wealth, increasing activity towards areas that do not require a lot of your work, time or energy. , that is savings and investments.

A comfortable standard of living is subjective.

It is based on what you need in life; not what marketers tell you.

Taking the time to determine what you really need and understanding how much it costs will allow you to determine how much you really need to do.

The ability to provide yourself with the minimum living standard you need while sparing yourself in terms of time and minimizing stress is a true source of happiness, but sacrificing your life for money is not.

2. The Pleasure of Life

Based on the previous point, many people sacrifice some or all of their pleasures in order to increase their standard of living above what they really need.

Pleasure is the source of happiness, it is simply a way to free your inner child and enjoy who you are.

Whatever your hobbies and interests, you need to make time for them.

Some people enjoy reading a book or watching a movie, while others need physical activity such as sports.

Entertainment is subjective, so you need to figure out what’s right for you and set aside time for that in your schedule.

In addition to being enjoyable, having fun is great for relieving stress and stimulating creativity.

3. Purposefulness

If like me, you have worked several jobs that you really didn’t like, you will realize the importance of finding a job that has meaning and purpose for you.

We each have our own goals in life.

But there is one goal that unites us all – this is that we are trying to make the world around us a little better.

By pursuing your goal, you find your own source of happiness.

Once you take the time to find your purpose, you start looking for purpose and meaning in everything you do.

This is an important point – it is you who set a goal in your work, for example, a teacher who does not care about his goal can see his work as a means of earning, while a teacher who lives by his goal can see his work as a way formation of future leaders of their society.

Both representations are equally true.

Each teacher must define the meaning and purpose of their work.

If you know your purpose and want to live it, you have several options:

  • Finding a new job that allows you to live your purpose through work
  • Finding a way to live your purpose with your current job
  • Finding volunteer work that allows you to live your purpose
  • Participation in a club or community that allows you to live your purpose

It is up to you which option you decide is right for yourself and which will be the source of your happiness.

4. Social Networks

No, I don’t mean Facebook.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t treat “Facebook friends” as friends. I think Facebook’s use of the word “Friend” is one of the smartest marketing moves in their history and helped their site succeed.

Personally, I use Facebook both for business and to keep in touch with actual friends that I can’t meet because we live too far apart.

Sources of Happiness

If I can meet friends in person, but I don’t, then I have to admit that they are not really that important to me, so why would I read every detail of their lives on Facebook?

If you connect with people via social media on the internet, that’s great, but you need to have a strong social network in the real world.

People who can be there to support you when you need it.

A good social network provides you with friends to share with, learn and have fun with.

Connecting and connecting with friends is the truest source of happiness available to any of us.

You can enjoy most of your life on your own, but there is nothing quite equal to the joy of sharing a wonderful event with a trusted friend.

You don’t need the thousands of fake friends that social networks like Facebook offer you.

You just need a few close friends you can rely on and who can rely on you.

5. Optimism

Neither you nor I know how life will develop.

I am sure that, like me, you are determined to do your best in life.

You have dreams that you would like to fulfill, and you may be determined to fulfill them, but you cannot be sure that you will succeed.

There are two options:

  • Believing that you can do this is optimism.
  • Believing that you cannot do this is pessimism.

When you believe in your ability to live the life you want to live, you will be happier, and that source of happiness will inspire you to try your best to fulfill your dreams and goals.

If you don’t believe you have this level of control, you will be dissatisfied and it will be much easier for you to give up.

This is not to be delusional into thinking that you can do the impossible.

Naturally, you cannot be sure what will happen, the choice is to convince yourself that you can:

  • believe in yourself,
  • be happy
  • have your chance to succeed

Or convince yourself that you:

  • unsure of themselves
  • unhappy
  • have a minimal chance of success.

Why don’t you choose the optimistic option?

With optimism as a source of happiness, you enjoy life.

With pessimism, you are only satisfied with what you wanted to get, and even then the feeling of satisfaction does not last long.

Be optimistic, believe in yourself and enjoy the life you want; whether you get everything you want or not.

6. Extroversion

Let me start by clarifying this source of happiness by stating that I am an introvert.

I find a big world in my own company, and I usually don’t like large groups of people.

I often feel isolated in them. But I realized that my extraversion in certain circumstances has great benefits for my happiness.

I like being in small groups of people with common interests, where everyone is free to speak and express their point of view.

I am filled with energy and enthusiasm when I hear other people’s views on topics of interest to me, especially when I know that this person is as passionate about this topic as I am.

I must emphasize that extroversion is not appropriate for all areas of my life.

When I was younger, I tried to squeeze myself into groups of people where I just didn’t fit.

This negatively affected my happiness.

So, if you are naturally introverted, finding situations in which you can be extroverted will be a great source of happiness for you.

If you are natural extroverts, great because it helps maintain your happiness.

7. Good Physical Health

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete, but maintaining good physical health is essential to happiness.

It is certainly not surprising that health is a true source of happiness.

However, despite this, most of us do not do enough to maintain our physical health.

Some of the key areas you need to consider are:

  • Relaxation
  • Food
  • Flexibility / mobility
  • Workout/exercise

When you get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and maintain your mobility, you will make tremendous strides towards your own sources of happiness.

Together they allow:

  • Recover from daily stress
  • Release the tension
  • Provide your body with essential nutrients
  • Boost your positivity by releasing endorphins
  • Increase resilience

There are many other benefits, but these are the ones that will help you take a big step forward in your happiness.


This article focuses on the true sources of happiness.

Something you can consistently focus on to ensure yourself a chance to maintain a constant stream of happiness in your life.

There will always be ups and downs in life, but if you take care of these authentic sources of happiness, you can spend most of your life with a happy, positive outlook.

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