How much has been said about the dangers of smoking? And how much more proof of harm will be published yet? Many, very many! But, despite this, heavy smokers are trying to find the slightest clue, some most insignificant far-fetched reason, just so as not to give up the deadly habit.

Let’s try once again to dispel at least some of the myths that smokers use to justify their unwillingness to take the right path of quitting smoking.


8 Myths about smoking

1. Cigarettes help you relax

The positive effects of nicotine on stress are highlighted by smokers who feel they “calm down” when they smoke.

In fact, it is not cigarettes and not one of the 4000 most harmful substances contained in smoke that helps to relax, but the usual “conditioned reflex” ( well, or “ritual”, if it sounds so pleasant ), a simple scheme works: “ Cigarette is a deep puff (inhale) – deep exhale. ” That is, the principle of calming, which is inherent in any breathing exercises, works and cigarettes do not help here at all! It is absolutely certain that nicotine and other constituents of tobacco smoke do not have any sedative effect, this is stated by official medicine.

So the next time you are about to take out a cigarette to calm down, just remember this point and breathe deeply and evenly for a few minutes – I assure you, you will be surprised at the result.

2. Quitting cigarettes after a long experience as a smoker is impossible and even harmful

I don’t even know where the popular opinion came from that heavy smokers should absolutely not quit smoking completely, as if it would harm their health even more than continuing to smoke nicotine.
Medical research unequivocally says that the opposite is true! Quitting smoking even in old age ( up to 70 – 80 years ) can heal the body and extend a person’s life for at least several years. True, the sooner the smoker gets rid of the habit, the better.

And about the fact that a long smoking experience makes quitting cigarettes impossible – this is sheer and stupid nonsense! There is an incredible number of examples of how people quit smoking forever, even after 25.30 or more years of addiction to a bad habit. To be convinced of this, I highly recommend reading our article ” How to Quit Smoking “.

3. I will quit smoking – I will gain excess weight

Oh, yes, this is one of the most popular counterarguments for heavy smokers! This prospect is especially frightening for women who are sure that only thanks to cigarettes they maintain a slender figure. In fairness, I must say that this opinion is partly true. But I emphasize – in part!

The refusal of cigarettes itself does not directly affect the figure, just nicotine drowned out the natural feeling of hunger, and when a person gets rid of such a blocker, a healthy appetite simply returns to him. But people, who have forgotten over the years what it is, how to control it, and simply begin to eat everything indiscriminately in huge quantities. So the point is not whether you smoke or not, but what you need to eat correctly, that is, according to the real needs of the body, and not stupidly seize up ” post- nicotine stress “, replacing the habit of smoking with the habit of overeating …

4. Children of heavy smokers get addicted to nicotine in the womb

What nonsense you hear sometimes! Some future mothers who smoke, that if it was not possible to quit smoking in the first trimester, then you need to continue smoking, allegedly because “the child is already used to it”, and “since you cannot worry during pregnancy, it is better to smoke and not be nervous than to quit and earn a stressful state. “

This is absolute, 100% anti-scientific nonsense! Numerous studies have proven that smoking a mother-to-be can easily lead to premature birth, the risk of sudden death in babies in the first year of life, miscarriages, the birth of children with insufficient weight and various malformations, including cerebral palsy, while in the womb smoking woman, the fetus is constantly in a state of lack of oxygen! According to the latest data, the expectant mother should quit smoking at least a few months before pregnancy, and preferably a few years … although it is better not to smoke at all.

5. Light cigarettes are not so bad

“Light”, or “low tar”, or “ladies'”, or “with a technological filter” cigarettes are just as harmful to your health as simple ones. The amount of nicotine contained in “light” cigarettes is enough to develop a strong addiction.

All references to the alleged “lightness” of cigarettes are nothing more than a dishonest marketing ploy by tobacco manufacturers, which creates a false belief in the consumer that in this way he will not do much harm to himself. In addition, when switching to products with reduced nicotine content, a person has a real chance to simply start smoking more cigarettes per day, thus the final dose of harmful substances for him will not decrease in any way.

Do not follow the lead of dishonest tobacco tycoons and cunning advertisers, remember that cigarettes are cigarettes, and there should not be any discounts on their ” pseudo-lightness “!

6. There are harmless ways to smoke

Hookah, vapes, electronic cigarettes are not at all harmless and harmless pampering, but no less dangerous activities than ordinary smoking.

In the hookah, the smoke, passing through the liquid, in no way becomes harmless!

And the fumes from vapes and e-cigarettes, according to the most recent studies, contain a large number of toxins and carcinogens, including lead and chromium, and at New York University they proved that e-cigarettes destroy DNA. At the same time, such devices can be described as a “starter drug”, since they force about half of those who have never tried real tobacco before them to start smoking. In addition, it is already generally accepted that using them to quit smoking real cigarettes is a completely ineffective way.

7. Smoking is my choice and nobody else is concerned

Stop, stop, stop! But what about such a phenomenon as “secondhand smoke”? Do you know this scary statistic: every year more than 1% of all deaths that are not the result of natural aging processes occur precisely due to secondhand smoke! That is, your tobacco smoke is definitely not only your business but also a real problem for others.

And do not forget about the bad example set by an adult, “savoring a cigarette” in front of children … So with “ your personal choice ”, not everything is as simple as it seems to you!

8. My grandfather smoked all his life and lived to a ripe old age

Like many aspects, more precisely, most issues related to human health, the degree of the negative impact of tobacco depends on genetic data. BUT for the vast majority, the harm of nicotine and other substances contained in cigarettes is an AXIOM! The number of people with incredible natural health is not even calculated as a percentage of the total mass, but literally hundredths of a per cent, so think about it – if someone in your family had good health, which even tobacco was not strongly influenced, then where did you get it that these genes passed to you ???

Let me remind you that, on average, smokers live 10-12 years less, so even those who smoked and reached the “century-old milestone”, in the absence of this bad habit, could please their relatives and friends with their existence even longer …

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