Glasses or contact lenses, What to choose? The classic version – glasses or more modern – lenses? This is almost a philosophical question with an aesthetic slant. Each method of vision correction, be it glasses or lenses, has both advantages and disadvantages.

The main thing is to remember that there are diseases in the presence of which the wearing of contact lenses is contraindicated for a person. Initially, you need to consult a good ophthalmologist on this issue. And when no contraindications are found, you can safely proceed to choosing the optimal correction method.

Advantages and disadvantages of different vision correction methods

Let’s start by looking at the benefits of using glasses

This method is the cheapest, the main price falls on the choice of spectacle frames, the glasses themselves can be purchased at a reasonable price. True, it is worth noting that only the simplest frames are inexpensive, and you will have to fork out for beautiful fashionable frames that emphasize your style and elegance. The glasses do not need special care.

Thanks to the elegant frame and fit according to the shape of the face, you can even slightly change your appearance, but at the same time, when the use of large diopters is necessary, glasses can significantly distort the appearance. When wearing glasses, you should also not think about the necessary change of the corresponding lenses, which also saves money.

Now about the benefits of contact lenses

Contact lenses do not change a person’s face. They completely correct vision. They are practical in everyday life, do not fall from the nose. The lenses never fog up, which greatly increases the comfort of their use. A person gets a more natural vision, it is somewhat distorted with glasses. With the help of colored lenses, a person can change the color of their eyes. In summer, you can combine wearing lenses with sunglasses. Lenses will become salvation for people involved in active sports.

In turn, of the disadvantages of wearing glasses, it is worth highlighting the following

With the constant wearing of glasses, their weight is strongly felt, especially at high diopters. Glasses limit a person’s field of vision and can distort their peripheral vision. During rain or when entering a warm room from the cold, the glasses fog up, they have to be wiped frequently. In the hot season, to save yourself from the sun, you will have to order special sunglasses, which will cost a pretty penny. An important factor is also a cosmetic effect – large diopters will greatly spoil even a very beautiful face.

In addition, the spectacle lenses themselves somewhat change a person’s eyes. For example, in people suffering from myopia, the eyes look smaller and become less expressive, and with farsightedness, the eyes, on the contrary, look greatly enlarged and large.

Contact lenses also have many drawbacks

Wearing lenses is not cheap. Good lenses are very expensive, and trying to save money and get a cheaper option will probably not give you the joy of feeling all the benefits of using lenses. It is necessary to constantly buy a liquid to care for them. In addition, the lenses need to be renewed, and the frequency of replacement depends on the type of lens selected. The procedure for putting on the lenses is not easy, it will take time and skill to get used to. It is necessary to learn a special culture of wearing lenses, which not everyone succeeds. To change lenses, you will have to carry with you a special case and liquid.

After all, no one is safe from the fact that by rubbing an eye, the lens can fall out, and without disinfection, you cannot put it back in. Your body will perceive contact lenses as a foreign body in the eye, and this is something to live with. Lenses can cause (especially with little experience of using them) irritation of the mucous membrane and various allergic reactions. Do not forget about possible inflammatory processes. At the same time, it is worth clarifying that allergic manifestations are mainly caused not by the presence of a contact lens as such, but by means of care for it and its quality (that is, compliance with the rules of care).

Having made the decision to wear lenses, a person should pay special attention to the issues of their storage and care. It must be remembered that you can only put on or take off your lenses after washing your hands thoroughly. Only if you follow all the instructions, you can forget about some of the above disadvantages. That allergic manifestation is mainly caused not by the presence of a contact lens as such, but by means of care for it and its quality (that is, compliance with the rules of care).

What to choose Glasses or contact lenses?

The best option, of course, is to use glasses and lenses in combination. However, many people prefer to use only contact lenses – aesthetics and a certain freedom of action affect. It is worth noting that such a person should still have spare glasses. They are very useful when your eyes need to rest a little or when a person gets sick, for example, with a common cold and his eyes are watery, in this case, it is forbidden to wear lenses and spare glasses will also come to the rescue.

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