“Five more minutes.” People are used to repeating a similar phrase in the morning, lying in bed. And all because you need to get up early. And all for a reason. For many, it is painful to say goodbye to your beloved bed early in the morning. By overdoing themselves, people are gathering the strength to end sleep. Perhaps they have repeatedly wondered how to train themselves to get up early? Indeed, is it possible? Let’s take a look.

Really learn to get up early correctly is possible. To learn the art of getting up early, you need to apply certain tips.

A lamp to help

One of the reasons people find it very difficult to get out of bed captivity is the morning lighting. If in summer you can get it from the sun, then what to do in autumn or winter? Imagine that you open your eyes and see that it is cloudy and dark outside the window. What’s the first thought? I still need to sleep.

Why is this happening? The fact is that when we wake up and see the darkness outside the window, a hormone called melatonin begins to be produced in our body. Its action causes fatigue, drowsiness and even lethargy. The presence of a nearby lamp will help to overcome the appearance of the hormone in cloudy weather or on a dark winter morning. As soon as you woke up and saw darkness outside the window, turn on the lamp.

Comfortable sleeping conditions

The created comfortable sleeping conditions will help you to wake up easily. For example, protect yourself from stress before bed. Try not to watch TV or surf the Internet at night. Also, create a cozy night environment in the room. This can be done by covering your windows with blackout curtains and ventilating the sleeping area with fresh air. In addition, the bed itself should be comfortable and the linen should be clean.

Strict schedule

It is equally important to adhere to a certain schedule. If you go to bed at the same time every day and get up early at the same time, try to stay on that schedule. Breaking it through weekends or flexible work schedules can make it harder to get rid of an early wake-up call. Following the established order, it will be easier for you to say goodbye to your favorite bed in the morning.

Sports in the afternoon

Try sports in the afternoon. Exercise increases blood levels of dehydroepiandrosterone. This hormone is very necessary for the body. This hormone is responsible for the vigor, good mood and energy that the body needs for every day. And most importantly, this hormone controls the work of REM sleep, thanks to which it is easier to get up in the morning.

Eating Before Bed

Another tip that may come in handy is taking certain foods before bed. This is done two hours before bedtime. It is allowed to eat a piece of lean meat, cheese, sea fish, cottage cheese or eggs. Also, before going to bed, it is advisable to drink a glass of kefir. These foods contain proteins that help restore the strength you need for the day, and also help you get up easily in the morning.

Prepare in the Evening

Getting out of bed early in the morning will be easier if you plan for your morning preparations in the evening. So, for example, prepare in the evening the clothes that you will wear in the morning. Try to prepare the food for breakfast. Such actions will motivate you to act immediately in the morning, and not get depressed or blues.

Bad Thoughts

Aside As you open your eyes in the morning, focus your thoughts on anything pleasant. Talking to yourself, about how tired you are of your work or meeting with this team again, you will not be able to cheerfully get out of bed. On the contrary, negative thoughts will make you sleepy. Therefore, it is better to reflect on pleasant meetings or things to come for this day.

So, let’s summarize, to finally internalize the factors that will help you become a morning person:

  • Lighting in the room
  • Comfortable conditions
  • Scheduling
  • Afternoon sports
  • Healthy food
  • Evening preparation
  • Positive thoughts

Good and cheerful morning to everyone, dear friends.

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