The review presents 10 highly paid IT Jobs of 2021 in the world. Information technology is one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy. Specialists are constantly required here, and the requirements for them are steadily growing. However, the high demands and complexity of the job are offset by the size of the salary – the income level of IT jobs often exceeds the salaries of other professionals.

Highest Paid IT Jobs of 2021

1. Full-Stack developer

In the most general sense, a full-stack programmer is a specialist who is equally proficient in all the technologies that are used in the development of both the client (front-end) part of the application (site) and the server (back-end).

The complexity of information technology is constantly growing, and for many companies – especially small ones – it is easier and more profitable to hire a specialist who is equally well versed in front-end and back-end development, instead of hiring a whole staff of programmers.

A full-stack web development specialist, for example, knows the Laravel framework, Express.js, Vue.js, AngularJS, ReactJS and Node.js frameworks; works with databases; creates APIs. A professional of this profile is able to create flexible, scalable, highly secure solutions.

Requirements for full-stack programmers often indicate stack abbreviations, such as MEAN or LAMP. Experienced full-stack developers can count on a salary of $8000 – $10000, the annual salary of overseas professionals starts at $ 106,000.

2. Software architect

The specialist is engaged in the design of the structure of the software product – identifies the key components and interfaces; determines the choice of technical standards – language, platforms. In companies dealing with corporate information systems, the responsibilities of an architect are even broader – he creates an IT infrastructure to solve business problems of any complexity.

In addition to professional skills in programming and data modeling, an architect must have strong analytical skills in order to create an application design in full accordance with the business processes of the client company.

The average salary for such a specialist is in the range from $7000 to $9000, in the United States, the salary of a software architect is from $114 thousand per year.

3. IT project manager

The manager controls the implementation of the project at all stages, from conception to launch, and is responsible for the success of the development. The specialist must be well versed in the concept of the life cycle of a software product – to know the needs of the market, features of promotion, ways of monetization. Forecasting, generating and testing hypotheses, evaluating business metrics are the responsibilities of a project manager.

The manager manages projects using specialized systems – PivotalTracker, JIRA or Asana. The responsibilities of a specialist include creating a team for product development, controlling the timing of the project and spending the budget. The manager also acts as an intermediary between software customers and developers, and on-time connects third-party specialists to the project – lawyers, for example.

Successful work in this position will require strong analytical skills and outstanding management skills. For this reason, such work is well paid – the average monthly salary of IT project managers ranges from $6000 to $8000. The average annual salary of foreign specialists starts at $100 thousand, the upper limit depends on the specific company.

4. Cloud Solutions Architect

The specialist is engaged in the design, optimization, launch and support of solutions based on private cloud technologies VMware, OpenStack and public providers – Amazon Web Services, Azure or Google Cloud. Interacts with development, sales and support departments; advises customers on the specifics of cloud solutions – this requires good communication skills.

The cloud architect has experience in building distributed systems, Linux administration. Understands edge routing, the TCP / IP protocol stack and the operation of network services DNS, DHCP, VLAN, VPN. Familiar with the Bash command language and is fluent in Python as a junior developer.

The salary level of such a specialist in Moscow is from $6500 to $8500, abroad – from $107 thousand per year and more.

5. Neural network developer

Other names for the profession are machine learning specialist, artificial intelligence system developer. Job responsibilities may vary slightly, but in general, specialists in this area deal with all the technical part of AI development in the company. This job requires deep knowledge of mathematics and statistics.

A specialist working with neural networks knows at least the languages ​​Python, R, the PyTorch framework, the TensorFlow platform and its analogues. To implement many projects, the developer will need experience in several areas related to artificial intelligence – machine and deep learning, neural network architecture, robotics.

The salary of programmers working with neural networks and machine learning ranges from $7000 to $9000. The average annual salary for foreign colleagues starts at $ 110,000.

6. DevOps Engineer

The specialist performs a wide range of responsibilities – he is involved in the development process, and the deployment, and in support of the software product. The professional bridges the gap between the development team and the employees who are responsible for the operation and support of the software. DevOps engineer has experience in programming and process automation, system administration, and is familiar with cloud technologies.

The profession has appeared on the market relatively recently and is considered as promising as the position of an IT project manager. The demand for such specialists significantly exceeds the supply. DevOps engineers are especially needed by companies engaged in the development of cloud services – by quickly configuring tools and systems, specialists help to provide customers with access to ready-made solutions faster.

The monthly salary of a metropolitan engineer, depending on qualifications and experience, ranges from $6500 to $10000. American employers pay between $ 95,000 and $ 140,000 a year.

7. Blockchain developer

The blockchain solutions market will reach $ 15.9 billion by 2023 – the industry will need more specialists. Professionals in this field are engaged in the creation and implementation of applications on decentralized platforms: cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges, payment processing systems, smart contracts, tracking the origin of information and objects.

The blockchain expert knows the programming languages ​​Java, Python and Solidity, the Oracle Identity software package, is familiar with the specifics of one or more platforms – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple.

The blockchain segment is considered one of the most promising and profitable IT areas – especially because the technology is actively used in a new industry – fintech, and is being introduced into traditional banking platforms. Capital blockchain specialists earn from $8500 to $10500 in a month. The average annual salary for foreign developers starts at $ 150,000.

8. IoT Solutions Architect

One of the most in-demand IT professions in 2021 is IoT Solution Architect. Such a specialist, in addition to experience in programming, should be familiar with machine learning technologies, robotics, network infrastructure and automation, hardware, big data analytics.

The specialist participates in all stages of design, development, implementation and technical support of software and hardware solutions for the Internet of Things. Companies offer such architects from $7500 to $9500 per month; foreign – from $ 130 thousand or more per year.

9. Big Data Architect

Such a specialist is responsible for the design, development, deployment and maintenance of software solutions related to the processing of big data. An architect of Big Data solutions must perfectly know the features of various hardware and software configurations, as well as algorithmic methods of data processing, in order to choose the optimal combination of technologies for the implementation of various projects.

The specialist is fluent in Hadoop, Spark, Python, R and NoSQL, is able to visualize any amount of data. An understanding of machine learning algorithms, experience with neural networks is necessary, since processing big data is most often associated with developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

The profession has already become one of the highest-paid in the IT industry. The capital salary of a big data architect starts from $7500, foreign – from $ 140 thousand per year.

10. Big Data Analyst

The profession can also be called “Big Data Scientist” or “Data Scientist”. There is a serious shortage of such analysts – the position requires very high requirements for the skills and experience of candidates. Deep knowledge in the field of mathematical statistics, optimization methods, probability theory is required.

The specialist is fluent in several programming languages; knowledge of Python, R, the SQL query language and systems for statistical analysis – at least SAS – are required. Experience with PostgreSQL and NoSQL solutions is required. Understands machine learning algorithms; selects optimal solutions based on the specifics and needs of the customer company.

A qualified data scientist abroad earns from $150 thousand per year or more – for 2021 this is the highest salary in the industry. The salary of such a specialist is from $8500 a month or more.

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