Every person has moles. Some have fewer of them, some have more, but anyone can accidentally tear off a mole. There is a widespread belief among the people that it is dangerous, that serious harm can be caused to health. So I was seriously interested in the possible consequences after I accidentally damaged one of my moles. Indeed, there are grounds for concern, but in order not to frighten you unnecessarily, let’s take a closer look at this issue.

First, let’s find out what a mole is? Moles in our usual sense are called “nevi”, they are dark brown due to the concentration in this area of ​​the skin of the dark pigment “melanin”. But in everyday life, people often mistakenly classify other formations as moles – melanoma, angioma, papilloma.

What happens if melanoma is damaged?

Under certain conditions, in cases of violation of the development of cell tissue, a common mole can cause the development of melanoma. Melanoma is a malignant tumor and it is very difficult to distinguish it from the usual “nevus” in appearance.

Symptoms that indicate that you have damaged melanoma:

  • excessive soreness
  • long (several days) non-healing
  • inflammation around the stripped mass
  • itching is felt at the site of injury
  • hair in the damaged area falls out
  • after a while, the “mole” became too dark or the color became uneven
  • possibly the formation of “nodules” or the birthmark began to grow

If you ripped off melanoma, you do not need to panic, there will be no immediate negative consequences, but this can intensify the development of oncology. It is necessary to seek medical help from a specialist.

What will happen if the angioma is damaged?

Unlike melanoma, angioma is relatively easy to recognize. It is dark cherry in color, occasionally has a bluish tint. Outwardly, an angioma may look like a rounded elevation or, like an extensive birthmark. It develops as a result of defects in the walls of blood vessels and is a benign formation. In case of damage to the angioma, severe bleeding is observed. However, apart from fear, there are no serious consequences for a person. The only thing is that the angioma can grow even more, but without oncological complications, that is, it will not go into melanoma.

What will happen if the papilloma is damaged?

A papilloma or wart is a growth on the skin that is caused by a human papillomavirus infection. It is quite easy to distinguish it by its color, which is close to the color of the skin. Accidental removal of a papilloma can be very painful, but bleeding is mild. The harmful consequences can be the spread of a viral infection to uninfected skin areas.

What to do in case of damage to both normal and dangerous birthmarks

  1. The first step is to treat the area around the wound (by no means the wound itself !!! ) with an antiseptic – rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, green stuff.
  2. After processing, be sure to apply a sterile bandage or cover it with a bactericidal adhesive plaster.
  3. Then be sure to consult your doctor to find out which skin formation you have damaged. This is really necessary in order not to miss a case of melanoma and, if it is detected, to begin treatment on time. To further “stimulate” you to undergo the examination, let us cite as an example the sad statistics: every hour in the world, one person dies from melanoma.

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