What is Leap year?

Every 4 years we are faced with the fact that in February, instead of the standard 28 days, there are 29. A leap year is coming. This is due to our planet revolves around the sun a little faster than 365 days. It increases by adding an extra day in February.

When is a leap year comes

  1. Look in any calendar if there is February 29 in the studied year.
  2. A leap year is always divisible by 4 without a remainder. Suppose 2000 is a leap year, then next leap year is 2004.
  3. You can look at the calendar for the year under study and compare it with the next one by days of the week.

List of leap years from 2000 to 2300

2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032,2036, 2040, 2044, 2048, 2052, 2056, 2060, 2064, 2068, 2072, 2080, 2084, 2088, 2092, 2096, 2104, 2108, 2112, 2116, 2120, 2124, 2128, 2132, 2136, 2140, 2144, 2148, 2252, 2256, 2260, 2264, 2268, 2272, 2276, 2280, 2284, 2288, 2292, 2296, 2300 so on.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes, there are. For a more complete harmonization of the astronomical and calendar year, it was decided not to make leap years those years that end at 00, that is, the beginning of each century. But here, too, there is an exception: every 4th of these years (ending in 00 – 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400, …) are also leap years.

History of appearance

The ancient Romans counted the days until the beginning of the next month, and we determine the elapsed days from the beginning of the current month. Suppose February 22 for us is the 22nd day of the month, and for the Romans it was the 6th day before the start of the new month. In a leap year, there were two 6 days in February. “Second sixth” from Latin and gave the name “leap”.

The next step was the Julian calendar, where every third year became a leap year. By the way, in our days it is according to him that the holidays are determined. We use the Gregorian calendar, and we have a leap year every fourth year.

Superstitions and fears

It is popularly believed that leap years are very unlucky and sometimes tragic. This year was considered bad by the Romans, who, because of the “sixth day”, increased their fast by one day (lasted until the beginning of March). The mystics added the odious holiday “Kasyanov Day”, which was already celebrated by our ancestors. It was set for February 29th.

It is believed that on a leap day it is highly undesirable to radically change the usual way of life: to marry, move, change jobs, have children, especially the first child.

However, the church does not attach particular importance to these dates and does not consider them to be any special. And practice shows that the same families formed in a leap year do not break up more often than in a normal year.

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